Mary Schina

  Printmaking Sparkling Dark The new series of works by Mary Schina appears to shift from her earlier view of light and nature. Until recently, her interest was focused more on rendering light through colour, through its transparency and movement, and its relationship with the differing surfaces – especially that of the sea – on…

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The Society for the Preservation of the Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Rhodes is presenting the exhibition under the theme “POLITICS/POWER/RANDOM” by the modern artists’ group Minotaure under the care of Steve Hatzis for the 2013 summer season. The exhibition will be initiated on Tuesday 20th of August and will remain open to the public…

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Anna Mihailidou

Anna Mihailidou     Her paintings are like chronicles. She captures moments, faces, relationships, situations, groups from daily routine, and presents, with the simplicity of textures and colors, it deeper dimensions. Her works exude modesty, emotion and that her “eyes” – inner and outer – began to see “properly”. Exhibition 13 May- 4 June 2013…

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“The Dice Is Thrown”

  “The Dice Is Thrown” Evi Savvaidi Artistic Concept Randomness is a significant parameter in people’s lives. The random is whatever happens without anticipation (the unexpected) or without preparation (the unintentional). Of course, scientifically speaking, luck is disregarded determinism. Facts which cannot be objectively explained with the law of causality because their causes are elusive…

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Theodoros Papagiannis

Quests… “Greek society does not seem to need art. It is oriented to other directions”, states in the interview he gave to “Attiki freepress” the renowned sculptor and director of the 1st sculpture workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Mr. Theodoros Papagiannis. By Marina Provatidou, visual artist With a multitude of exhibitions to…

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Modern Artists Group MINOTAURE

While passing from NY,  Red Round Gallery is participating in: Affordable Art Fair, The Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th street New York, NY 10011 from Thursday April 4 to Sunday, April 7 Opening hours: Thursday, April 4 – 11 am- Saturday, April 6 11 am – 8 pm Sunday, April 7 – 11 am- 5…

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New York City Affordable Art Fair

New York City Affordable Art Fair April 3-7, 2013 – Metropolitan Pavilion A fun four-day event hosting over 80 galleries and a huge array of contemporary art, the spring edition of the New York City Affordable Art Fair will take place from April 3-7, 2013 in the Metropolitan Pavilion. Our concept is simple, yet unique:…

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Print Making Workshop Intaglio-Mixed techniques vathytypias

Presentation: Friday 1/3/2013 to Sunday 3/3/2013 at the Art Workshops of the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Rhodes. Activity: Printmaking Workshop The painter and sculptor Marina Provatidou of the 2nd Printmaking Workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts will organize a printmaking happening and workshop. Multiple printmaking and their relation to the original…

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Στιγμιότυπο 2014-06-03, 8.10.09 π.μ.

Red Round Gallery

Red Round Gallery was established  in Rhodes continuing its successful course to date from a newly-renovated premise which opened its gates to the lovers and friends of art. Within the framework of RedRound Gallery’s basic program is the promotion of modern art, its main concern being the variety in the means, materials and innovative ideas….

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