Presentation: Friday 1/3/2013 to Sunday 3/3/2013 at the Art Workshops of the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Rhodes.

Activity: Printmaking Workshop

The painter and sculptor Marina Provatidou of the 2nd Printmaking Workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts will organize a printmaking happening and workshop.

Multiple printmaking and their relation to the original ones, the ability to distinguish between an original and reprint, new technologies in printing and their relation to printmaking and the criteria of authenticity and qualitative classification.

Workshop hours:
Friday 1/3/2013 9:00-13:00 or 16:00-20:00
Saturday 2/3/2013 9:00-13:00 or 16:00-20:00
Sunday 3/3/2013 9:00-10:15

For more information and enrolment applications please refer to the offices of the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Rhodes 3, Diagoridon str during working days and times.