Evi Savvaidi was born in Rhodes in 1970. She  studied Sculpture at  the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA 2004-2012), under Prof. Theodoros Papagiannis and Prof. Nikos Tranos. She studied the art of mosaic with Prof. Dafni Aggelidou and the art of glass at the Pilchuck Glass School Summer Sections, Seattle Washington USA (2010). She has also participated in workshops in Seattle, Boston and Prague.
Evi has exhibited her work in group exhibitions in Paris, France at the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower, in New York, USA at the Metropolitan Pavilion and the Eventi Hotel, in Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum, in Italy at the Florence Biennale and the Palazzo Giucciardini Bongianni as well as in Rome at the Roma Piazza Delpopolo, in Korea at the Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Centre, in Rhodes, Greece at the Modern Greek Art Museum as well as in Athens, Greece at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus.
She has been awarded different prizes including: the Florence Biennale 2013: ETHICS DNA OF ART prize “Installation”, the Palazzo Giucciardini Bongianni, Florence  prize “Botticelli Prize”, as well as prizes in New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion, in Miami at the Art Takes Miami, and in France at the Eiffel Tower. Evi currently lives in Rhodes, Greece and her works feature in private collections in Greece and abroad.